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An internet talk show about 'MANOS: the Hands of Fate.' Hosted by Keith McCaffety
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An update to my last post: I am going to listen through the entire recorded interview and pluck out a few choice parts that may be more listenable. I will then record a summary of the interview, highlighting the major points. Watch this space for news.

Interview with The Master

Well folks, I promised an interview with The Master, AND I DID IT. The bad news is… the recording quality is terrible. So terrible I can’t use it. Even if I tried to adjust it, my Skype recorder, which has traditionally been very reliable, didn’t even record the last 20 minutes of the interview. So. There we are.

I usually have backup recordings happening in case of Skype trouble, but of course, I didn’t this time. I have a very dim view of equipment problems. It’s not necessary to let them kill our work. There should always be workarounds and backups. I wasn’t careful enough this time. It’s unprofessional, and I apologize.

I don’t know if anything can be done to fix this, but I’ll let you know.

episode 7 - Jackey Raye Neyman

Talk to the Hand episode 7 - Jackey Raye Neyman from Keith McCaffety on Vimeo.

This episode, I have a casual conversation with Jackey Raye Neyman, catching up on all she’s been doing this year.

Follow Jackey at her blog:

A preview of Tom Neyman’s video interview at

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